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georgia beef

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Nov 19, 2004
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NOrtheast Georgia
Just wondering of anyone does any Inbreeding and how close...

I know a fellow that breeds sompatition Beagles {trial dogs} mother to sone father to daughter ect...ANd they are consistant winners,,, He only does it one time though...

Just wondering if anyone has done this with cattle..

and how they turned out...
When done properly, it is called line-breeding, and it is very common among registered cattle. The bloodline, Line 1 is an example among Herefords. There is another thread from a few weeks ago on this subject if you want to get more in-depth without re-hashing it. To quickly sum it up, it must be done with care, and using hard culling, but you can develop uniform cattle with deeply ingrained desirable traits using line-breeding. It is the surest way to have uniform, consistent cattle.
thanks for your reply Greenwillow... the folks that I know here never Line Breed.. ALways outcross.. Including my father who sold all the yearlings...I have a Bull that is throwing good calves and gong to give him a try at line breeding...
thanks again
just be careful because linebreeding can also bring out the "bad" traits.......especially those recessive traits & defects.
One thing to also pay attention to is the tendency for linbred cattle to diminish in size. Some breeds could use it, but others are about right for their given environment as they are. It normally takes a couple of generations to have a problem, but I would think it could happen sooner in some situations.


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