Imported "Texans" vs. Coloradans

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Running Arrow Bill

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Dec 24, 2003
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There are "True" (native) Texans and "Imports" (aka from NYC or other "foreign" States). Here's one:

A former Yankee (now an emigrant to Texas) was on a hunting trip to Colorado for Deer. Coming down from the high country, he had a nice animal strapped to his pickup and he did the routine stop at the Colorado Game Warden checkpoint. The Colorado Warden looked at the deer very carefully and inspected the "Texans" hunting license. So far so good. The Warden then said, "That's a nice rack on that Buck! Have a nice day! The "Texan" left for "home".

While stopped for gas, back in Texas a "Native Texan" asked the guy where (any why) he shot this Longhorn cow?

Maybe that "Native Texan" was related to John Kerry???

Go Bush, Go! :cboy:

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