Implanting dairy embryos

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I have an opportunity to rent a 30 acre pasture and am considering implanting Holstein dairy embryos into beef heifers/cows. What breed of cattle would work for my situation? The two most important traits that I would look for are 1)cows that have ease of handling and 2)ability to calve a 90-140 pound calf. Any thoughts? Thank you.

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If the maet quality is verry important for you you can use Marchigiana heiffers or cows . If ony the important thing is to get a calf of that embryo you can also use simmentaler cows. we use Simmentaler cows to implant embryo's of marchigiana cattle. the results are verry good. if you wanna knome more contact me


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If you're expecting big calves its best to go with a bigger cow. We generally use black angus for implants from our Limousin. But I think the angus will be a small cow for calving out calves that are going to be 90-140 pounds. A simm or char would be my choice, preferable 4 or older.
Definitely don't use first calf beef heifers for Holstein embryos.

Make sure the recip cows that you do use are at least a 7 frame. I would also consider using Brown Swiss and Holstein cows as recips.

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