i'm new here.

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Jan 2, 2019
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eastern Iowa
welcome to the CT family. like most families, we don't all agree on the same things. you are welcome to voice your opinion, answer questions, and ask whatever is on your mind. We have a vast amount of knowledge among the members that can answer almost any question that you can post. Feel free to jump in on any topic that interest you. Hope you enjoy the time you spend on here.


Mar 22, 2021
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Hello all!

I guess I am now the FNG. Working on the purchase of three Angus heifers (one with a bull calf). I am in Georgia, have about 13 acres of pasture with dallisgrass and plan to keep my herd to 3 or 4 birthing mommas and then sell all of the babies off as either yearlings or 2-yr olds. Don't know what is best...heck I can barely spell cow at this point :). I have just watched this heard operate for two years around me and ended up with two parcels that I never dreamed I would own. I have been building a new homestead primarily for equestrian purposes, but adjoining parcels kept approaching me to buy them. The cow guy I have been displacing is awesome and I asked if I could buy those three cows from him. Those ladies are awesome, come to their names we gave them, and eat out of our hands. Now just planning on having a tiny, organic farm to both enhance and support my wife's cake baking business.

Love the information I have found here. I have a lot of reading to do!

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