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Apr 24, 2012
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Middle TN
I'm thinking about stopping IGR in my mineral.
Do you think it's worth the extra cost?

I have used it for years and not sure about the results.
I'm in the same boat ; I was using garlic and IGR in my mineral . Stopped the garlic because it was not keeping the flys off the cattle and with the huge population of flys this year I wonder if the IGR is working. I had better luck with rabon
I'm in northeast TN. So far, I'll say I haven't had any more of a fly issue than in previous years. I use vitaferm heat with clarifly, as well as a Hubbard mineral with altosid, cinnamon, and garlic. I usually alternate at each mineral feeder fill up. This is my first year trying the clarifly. I also spray on synergized permethrin ( the kind that's oil based, not mixed with water). I actually like the voyagers mineral the best but my cattle eat too much. Anyway, I will continue using the igr as long as I keep getting good results. I believe that the rotation between products has helped.
If your neighbors are not practicing fly control - including use of an IGR - you're spinning your wheels, 'cause they'll just move over from the adjoining property.

Our kid is using the mineral with Clarifly IGR and garlic this year. IDK what it costs, but the garlic is a gimmick... the one study I'm aware of, out of Canada, showed something like a 47% decrease in hornflies in year one, but no effect in year two... but even in that first year, it never reduced fly numbers below the 'economic impact' level of 200 flies/cow.

Whereas Altosid(methoprene) IGR is effective against hornflies only, the newer Clarifly(diflubenzuron) claims efficacy against hornfly, face fly, and house flies.
It was supposed to be vitaferm. Autocorrect changed it and I didn't catch it in time. I will also add that my feed store also sells a brand of cheaper mineral called Forage Partner. They have one that has clarifly, cinnamon, and garlic all in it. It's been very popular in my area, and I've used a few bags when they were out of vitaferm. Might look into that as well. Sorry for the prior confusion
Anyone using purina wind and rain with IGR haven't been on it long enough to say yes or no yet.
Good evening. We've used it for a couple of years.... can't remember for certain but at least 3 years maybe up to 5. I think it does a good job; however, here at our homeplace, we only share a short length of fence with neighbor with cows. It doesn't do quite as good job in the pastures across the road with cattle on 2 sides. One of those neighbors does little with his cattle including feeding them. Overall, we feel it does a good enough job to continue. It's just one tool in the tool chest.
I quit using Purinna with IGR as I noticed a lack of dung Beatles and worms in my manure patties. Cows pies would last for 2-3 seasons on the ground through 200" of snowfall and 50" of rainfall, the kids would throw them at one another like Frisbees.

Quit using it and now the bugs and birds have the cow pies disappeared in a couple weeks time.
I Use IGR and have dung beetles and worms. Started using it last year during spring fly season and it made a difference during rotations. This year I have had compliments from others about the lack of flies. We also have free range birds in all the fields. The ducks spread the pies and nothing can lay eggs in it. Building bird houses in the winter paid off also. Best year yet. Now if I can learn to control the rain....
The only change I ever made was using Purina IGR mineral. I had dung Beatles and worms galore, started using the mineral for 4 or 5 years and I had no Beatles and less worms. Quit using the mineral and the next season I had Beatles and worms galore again.

I'm no expert but the only change was the IGR so they must somehow be related...
I just started using a altosid tub with igr and garlic. I put it out with one herd of cows and didn't put it out with cows that stayed home this year. Both groups have clarifly blocks as well. My limited observation is that the cows that have the igr tub with garlic are far less agitated from flies than the cows that are at home. For me it seems to be working.
I have used an IGR mineral containing altosid for several years, and am convinced it makes a difference. The biggest thing I have learned is that I can not let the cows run out of mineral. If they go without even for a day or two, I notice an increase in fly numbers for close to 30 days.

Altosid has no residual in the cow, and I am sure not every cow eats mineral everyday, but I see a difference when I use it. I have not had any issues with manure not breaking down quickly, and my worm and bug activity seems to be the same on my pastures as my hayfields that do not get grazed.

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