If You're For the 2nd Amendment, Join Discussion

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Running Arrow Bill

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Dec 24, 2003
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Ok... If you are a serious Second Amendment person who believes you have rights...

I trust you are already a member of NRA...

Also, check out this very good site: http://www.usacarry.com It has a lot of updated stuff as well as gun laws for all of the States and other useful info. Plus, they have a very good Forum in which to participate.

Git R Done!
Yea I am a member, but if they dont raise some hell about this new Supreme Court nominanee and her stand on gun control I am out here....I for one am tired of NRA's lipservice on issues such as this.....This judge and her ruling on gun control should be a Line IN THE SAND,,,,,,, some democrats seneators should be reminded of that......and I am talking about the ones that have had NRA backing......It time too put up or shut up.
Second amendment is OK. NRA is not OK. Used to be a member until Texas gave another one a little cocktail and there was rioting in the streets. Police chief claimed is was a very peaceful demonstration and not one policeman got hurt!!!! One elderly man did get hurt - got knocked down by the butt of an AK47 that the "protesters" were carrying. Nothing from the NRA, city of Houston leadership and nothing from the police.

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