Ideas on Building a Calf Chute/Headgate

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Don't see why it wouldn't work but I'd be very careful on the wood selection used. Some will get brittle with time. I'm thinking you might want to use oak, ash or blackgum so it won't snap later on. Personally I think I would lean toward putting a metal head catch on the front rather than wood. They can be had cheap and would be just as good if you ever run bigger animals. JMO
Hey, I am not to sure on this but, what I would try is make a form narrow, start wide and go small. hard to explain. Pick a cornor build going outward from narrow to wide and leave a whole at both ends big enough to get a calf in and small enough to keep their neck out so you can give shots in the neck, have someone run them through take their tail lift it striaght up and towards the back of calf, we call this the brakes for the calves. while the other person is pushing the calf toward the narrow end you can do your vaccines or dehorning or what ever you need to do. You may also be able to put a strap at the end to maybe tie them in, but, never made one always had a chute.
But when we had to shoot a calf up with med. we would run them in the cornor and grab it and hold the tail up and cornor them in the cornor and they couldnt move which made it pretty easy to shoot the calves up.

Unless we had more calves we used a chute.
I hope I helped in some way

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