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Jan 4, 2009
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North Mississippi
I was thinking of selling my calves {500 to 600 lbs }next weekend..I noticed they were going up.. :banana: :banana: does anyone think that i should wait..
Questions like that are hard to answer. Usually the only wrong answers are the ones you follow and the wheels fall off.

What can happen?

Prices could go up but prices could go down.
Calves could gain more weight but calves could get sick and die.

How lucky do you feel?

In the end, I usually follow the saying: A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush" or "Get while the gett'ns good."

To add to AC's post, He is comming into his seasonal higher calf market, we are nearing the end of ours. Might ask around to find out when it is in your area.
I don't know about what will happen THIS year; but price usually starts dropping sometime after August 1st, sooner if grain prices spike (see last year) or we have a nationally significant drought. The big question for you is how much grass do you have to put a lot of weight on those calves?
If you are happy with the weight and what they are selling for, sell now. All it takes is a scare to ruin the prices. Wish mine were ready.
I don't know how many head you need to sell, but it is possible to buy a feeder cattle put contract as insurance. This would make you covered instead of naked. The breakeven is the cattle cost plus the premium. This could pay if the market moves greater than your breakeven before the contract expires. If the market moves against you, you are locked in to your cost plus the premium which would limit your loss. The premium agreed upon would be dependent upon the contract strike price and expiration. Limited risk, and unlimited profit is what this strategy amounts to.

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