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Nice, beautiful, love the pictures. The mountains, wood fence, trees, view, sky, everything is amazing. I'll take good pictures any day over somebody writing a book that is not worth my time to read. Looks like your spring cutting of hay turned out well with a lot of big bales.
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Congrats ! That’s a good feeling. We had a great week here for hay . Every cattleman around except for us cut and rolled hay last week . My hay cutter / baler spent last Friday night in the hospital. Has a history of seizures and hadn’t had one in 25 years . But last Thursday night / Friday morning had one . He’s fine now but didn’t want to stress him . Can’t run the farm without him ! He’s a good one .
I just finish my second cutting this week, and It didn't grow all that well this year. Between the two cuttings were about 100 tons shy of last years total. I think the nights were just to cold, the alfalfa just didn't grow.
I still have about 65acres to cut. Between the rains and cooler nights I haven't had a window to cut it down. I'm hoping maybe next week I can get a long enough window. Cows will be home in 4 weeks, so they may just have to eat it.
I only came up about 200 ton short with my normal hay ground.

Thankfully I made a deal back in February to buy the farm across the road, and also bought up their existing hay leases. So with their ground I ended up with a surplus. Farm came with 2 barns so all the surplus hay is shoved inside for the next slim hay year we have.

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