I may not die from old age after all.

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Jan 28, 2006
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The internet is full of stories which are inaccurate. I have not had the time to research the following-

There is a clause hidden in the NAIS that states that the USDA has the right to enter any livestock owners property day or night, without a warrant or permission, without proof of disease present and remove or slaughter any or all livestock. It further states that the owner is forbidden to have any testing done before or after the animals are killed, which means the owner has no way to prove their animals were healthy.

Can anyone verify this.
If true. Where has our sense of freedoms gone? Is there no concern?
Well, Got the answer to my question concerning the above post. Those so called clauses are not a part of NAIS.
The USDA does claim to have certain powers under the Animal Health Protection Act.

As I thought, more misinformation on the web.

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