I am so Tired.

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Woke up with a bad headache, later on sinus played the devil with trying to breathe. Nothing like both sides of the nose so stopped up a cow flop just above the toe line would not even give a sniffel.
The Dr. Quack I go to is now charging $150 for the office visit and so on.
One cow died of unknown reasons, the church we go to is about to split over the pastor telling the biggest gossip head(male&female) to shut up and set down.
Its 9 p.m., the meds I was given are not working.

Friday(if I make it) has 3 hours to get ready. Well, almost feel better.
Good for that Preacher! I hope you stand behind him. He will need support.
Sorry about your cow.
Don't go to no doctor...they'll kill ya.
With everything he can do for you it will still take sevin days to get over it.
If you stay home and save your money it will take a week.


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