Hydrualic Force

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Caustic Burno

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Sep 26, 2004
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Big Thicket East Texas
We got hit with a flash flood Sunday morning creek jumped the banks in fifteen minutes. At the back of one of my bottom pastures is a levee with a series of culverts. The flood blew out two 12 foot by 16" corigated steel culverts and I still haven't found one of them. I have 12" pipe sunk in the ground 5 feet on each side of the big creek sticking up about three feet with cable spaning the creek for a water gap. Something came down the creek and hit the cable so hard it leaned one of the pipes.
It still amazes me that I can't find that culvert hung up in the woods somewhere.
Red Bull Breeder":3flnr2qv said:
That water is powerful stuff CB. You should see what it can do up here in the hills where it can get a running start.

Yes it is I live on top of Devils Backbone and it has a drop in elevation of 242 feet to the creek. Thats nothing to some of the runs that ya'll have. I want to know though if the tractor or bailer breaks down why is it always at the bottom of the hill. Today start hauling rock from the bottom back up the hill on the driveway, I have just about wore out the rock and a Massey over the years hauling that rock back up the hill.
Probably a tree. The low swift water brings down the debris and it gets hung up behind big trees. On the Brazos it is usually one big pecan tree - old growth. Then as the water rises, it will vortex in behind and grind the dirt out of the roots downstream. The tree goes leaving a big hole behind. That blob then gets a barbed wire fence and rips it all out into a bigger ball. If it lands on your property when the water recedes, you have a mess. It is best to burn it and then bury the wire.

Those huge plugs in the main flow have more power than any tornado you have ever seen.
Was driving along the edge of the field right next to a hillside that had recently burnt off.
When the downpour started in less than ten minutes I had water up to the bottom of the doors on my truck in the low places.There was nothing on the hills to slow down the water.
Never under estimate the force of water.
Got a 50% chance of rain today and up to 60% tonight. I'm still not complaining.In my part of Texas you learn to be glad for every drop.

Around here CB when it washes the little rocks to the bottom of the hill it uncovers a bunch of bigger rocks. Sure makes one heck of a mess at times.
you got a pretty good flood your way.that was some powerful force to bend that post.youll never see that culvert that washed out an away.

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