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Sep 7, 2006
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Yantis, Texas
Has any one ever heard or had this condition in their cows. I had one that looked as if it might be bloated a little. I hauled her to the vet. He did a rectal examine and pulled his arm out and said she had a condition called Hydrox. Nothing to be done he said. He suggested hauling her to a packing house, but it was not their kill day. He also said that she would not get past this and would die he was right. The condition according to the vet is an excess of fluid in the womb around the calf. What causes this he said no one knows.
What he likely said was Hydropse...there are two types, either Hydroallantois or Hydramnion. One is invariably fatal, one is not. There is a genetic condition in Maines and from them to Shorthorns called PHA which can do a similar thing on palpation. Sorry I can't give you more information, you have to look it up from here on.....


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