Hybrid cross bred composite bull picture

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Nov 21, 2013
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Hi gang, I am back on after logging out and not being able to retrieve my password. So I have often shown interest in cross bred bulls. My old neighbour liked to keep a bull for ai mop ups. He ran char bulls on traditional SIM x hard cows. I was back home working recently and snapped a pic of one of his bulls. What do you think?

Your definition of composite and mine are different. The composite bulls I think of will breed true with predictable EPDs.
The bull pictured no telling what will fall out of the DNA crayon box on a set cows.
Caustic Burno" no telling what will fall out of the DNA crayon box on a set cows.[/quote said:
Just hope the calves will fall out of the cows hind end..though he may not be,but he looks like he'd be hard on old Sally..
Thanks Tennessee Tuxedo. Caustic Burno, that was an attention grabbing headline! It's a cross bred bull in my book. I like the bull and tend to think as a calf getter putting beef on the ground something will happen, would I retain his daughters? No.
I would retain his daughters if I liked them. That bull could make great steers and great cows. Only one way to find out.
I really like the way he looks. Wouldn't mind a crop of calves from him. With Simm in his breeding he has potential of producing some milk in daughters. But I'm sure his calves would grow into a bigger frame animals, so that's not for everybody's taste.

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