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D.R. Cattle

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Dec 26, 2003
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East Central Florida
Yeehaw. Lobster season finally arrives again. Guess what's for dinner this weekend. serves nicely beside a 2" filet mignon. It's funny to see people in a restaraunt order the stuff for $25/lb. They get a special little tiny fork to eat it with. We break out a pitchfork looking utensil and end up with drawn butter all over the place. Sucks to be a Floridian.
mmm...lobster! I love lobster! Salmon season has started in California (Oregon fishing season are too difficult to follow!) last week.. I love salmon fishing down there! The salmon grows very big down there (I was told it is becaus off the coast of San Francisco is very rich with salmon food like it is up in alaska). One day I would love to catch salmon up in Alaska... Would love ti get my pole on a King salmon, I heard they are real good fighters! This winter I hope I get to go to California and try my luck on salmon again! Would love to share with y'alls but it will take forever to package, figure out everyone's address and it costs money to ship it frozen! Oh well....
We dive in Vero Beach/Fort Pierce. Keys offers big volumes of lobster, but they are all small and you have to fight the yahoos. Not as many people here and our lobsters get huge...not uncommon for 12 pound bucks to get bagged. Usually spear some nice groupers or snappers in the process. We pretty much only dive at night so the bugs and the fish are just lying for the taking. Night diving for lobster illegal in the Keys. Like the saying goes..."Get more tail in Vero." This being the first year my two sons (ages 14 & 15) will accomapny me on the adventure. We are psyched.

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