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Apr 24, 2004
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I weaned my calves 45 days ago, and they are in the lot now. I just noticed a few days ago that 3 of them out of 103, have a hump on their back. Like a hunch back. It is well centered on their spine even with the ribs. The calves act and eat like the rest. All 3 of them are steers. Is it something they are lacking in their diet, or genetic? Or what is going on?
One of them is the biggest in the crowd, he looks a couple months older then the rest (he's not), the other two are about average. They do have bigger bellies, but as far as "thickness", I'd say average.
Angus. They were Ai bred, and out of F1 heifers.
That was my guess. I'd say its probably genetics. Ive witnessed some humpbacked angus in my day. thought they had bred that out of them all by now. the really really bad ones have huge hunchbacks right behind the shoulder. of course every breed has individuals with messed up backlines but i've noticed it more in angus. Ive seen some pretty messed up herefords too though. If its a big hump i'd say its a problem, if its just a slight arch i wouldnt worry about as much. Are you sure they arent brahmans? just kidding.
I posted 2 months ago about a 1st calf Angus heifer with the same problem. She was in good body condition, just had that weird hump in her back.

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