How would you like your best steak? - A Poll

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We'll say it's a ribeye, whichever thickness you prefer...

  • Rare

    Votes: 7 10.3%
  • Medium Rare

    Votes: 37 54.4%
  • Medium

    Votes: 12 17.6%
  • Medium Well

    Votes: 9 13.2%
  • Well Done

    Votes: 3 4.4%

  • Total voters
Since you asked how I would LIKE my best steak, I voted rare. That's how I used to have them. Unfortunately, I've developed some digestive problems over the past few years, so they have to be cooked at least medium or I'll regret it. But that's OK, too.
As long as its warm in the middle its done enough for me. I can't stand a well done piece of meat...blech.
LoveMoo11":18h8mdn6 said:
As long as its warm in the middle its done enough for me. I can't stand a well done piece of meat...blech.

Exactly how I like mine.
rare to medium rare.
I've never heard any body describe their favorite steaks without using the word "Juicy".
Why would you want to cook that out of them?
I worked at a steak house in the 70's as a waiter. I asked a gentlemen how he wanted his Strip Steak. His response was, and I quote "knock it in the head, cut off it's horns, wipe his behind and bring him on" (he used a different word for behind). He wanted it cold, the fat still hard, 10 seconds on each side to give it grill marks. He dipped it in Melted butter. The most rare steak I've ever seen anyone eat. He said it was wonderful, gave me a $20 tip, I "cooked" his steak myself, the kitchen staff didn't believe me. That was a huge tip in the 70's.

Myself, a top sirloin, medium well and don't ruin it with steak sauce.
For me, WELL DONE! If you cook it right, it still is moist...

I think that's why the Cavemen discovered fire...were tired of eating fresh kill meat. Of course, there are some tribes around the world that still eat raw meat.

I don't see a steak as a "religion"...only a source of animal protein, and something to compliment vegetables, gravy, and the other vegetable...Potatoes.


Many years ago...when I was in college at Texas Tech, I had part time job at the "Toddle House"...working the night shift, a drunk customer came in and ordered a hamburger...raw with a slice of onion. The manager was afraid to serve raw meat...he finally consented...figured the customer's alcohol level would kill any parasites in the raw ground beef...including E. coli.

Takes all kinds...
I would like to say "rare" (and I really am the same way with pork, turkey and chicken); but logically I know too much about the risks to order anything but medium rare

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