How we celebrated Australia Day (pics)

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Jan 21, 2006
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My little patch of earth, Perth, WA, Australia
Local pet shop had an exhibition including a fancy dress parade.

Here is Charlie, dressed as 'Aussie Goat' he won first prize! $100 voucher for the store.




And here is his brother Chaplin, who was dressed as 'VB Goat' - VB is the most popular beer around here. He won third prize! $25 voucher. So we did amazingly well!


Charlie had empty VB cans in his saddlebags, and both of them drink out of a can on command, so we filled an empty VB can with coke and let them each have a drink during the judging of the fancy dress :)

These are two of my beautiful nephews, Zack and Logan, enjoying the festivities (which included hair dye - they dont always look like that)


My sister Rachel and her boys (plus one still being baked) having a ride in the sulky pulled by Chaplin.

Love the pics Keren ,so is that beer in Charlies pouch??

Thanks for posting them, Charlie and Chaplin are adorable... :D

Your nephews are cuties as well... :)
I don't know squat about goats but I got to say those are some of the finest I've ever seen. Zack and Logan look like they were having a ball! Thanks for sharing.
Keren, I'm like Jogee, I don't know anything about goats, but yours always look top notch :tiphat: .

Well, thanks very much everyone! I'll let you in on a secret - they are meat goats, you dont need to know any more about them, if you can pick beef cattle then you can pick meat goats. These guys are a bit over 1 yr old, lucky wethers because instead of ending up in my freezer, I trained them and they are pets now. Yeah, they are very good at pulling the buggy, I almost have chaplin trained to drive now. I will eventually train them to drive as a team. They were my bottle babies from 07.

Follow the link for some videos of driving goats. Look under more from the same poster, she has some great clips of this team.

hills, yes they are empty VB cans in Charlie's saddlebags. Its funny, cos I dont drink beer, but I wanted the empty cans for the costume, so I bought a slab and put a sign on my door, 'free VB in the fridge, help yourself but leave the cans here' well it didnt last long! lol

We got a phone call today, we won the raffle as well. Great big metal cat/dog food storage bin filled with goodies, incl. dog and cat treats, toys, a blanket, a cat seat protector, a cat tunnel, a mug etc. Very cool
Very nice pics Keren, thanks for sharing. Some nice looking Boer goats there as usual.
Fred":2d20qkic said:
Nice pictures. Can those goats pull those buggy's pretty well?
My friend Leslie used to have two Boer does pull a 4 wheeler around the Bulawayo show back in the 70's he made some good pocket money selling avertising space to feed and ag supply companies.

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