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Aug 15, 2006
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a woman in McDade was killed by her 14 year old daughters 18 year old boyfriend-he'd just got out of jail for indecency with a child. mom was trying to break them up-------she was a waitress,a good one,nice person.You should see his mug shot--Austin American Statesman (i can't cutanpaste without sizzirs)
If she's the one I saw last time I was home,she's a real piece of work! Well,the one I saw is no matter if that's her or not. And you sure should see him! Wish I knew how to shuffle things from there to here.
Ryder":1yaerqtv said:
Txwalt":1yaerqtv said:
Interesting story in your paper about Juan Romero shooting the thief. Don't steal his beer!!
Thank you Txwalt :heart: I've got chemo brain-just cannot do that :???:
Funny thing is the clerk didn't call cops--and DID erase the tapes :?:
ok,new news-this same kid was in a camp for "troubled boys" -"Wilderness Ridge"-he accused a councler there of molesting him,but couldn't keep his story straight,so he admitted he was lieing--In all the uproar a politition decided she'd make headlines,so the camp was shut down,leaveing all those kids out with no help.
Anyhow,this guy has been trouble for a long time-too bad he wasn't kept locked up.
The 13 year old who got the gun for him and watched him shoot,was his brother-guy had set him on fire once because he hadn't done what he'd said,so I'm not sure he should be blamed,but sure should be watched..

Got the name of the camp wrong "Woodside Trails"

dang i'm dinggy

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