How to Creep Feed

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Creep feeding is for little calves who are still on mom. All you need is a feeder set up where the little ones can get in, but mommas can't. We've done it with commercial creep feeders, gates set up to allow access to calves, but not moms, bars put up low enough to let calves in and keep cows out...whatever works. We have fed them ground feed (corn and supplement), just a little a day to start, then more as they grow. The hard part is getting them to catch on that there's feed in there and that they want to eat it. An older calf works well for that.
> Can someone please explain creep
> feeding.What feed would you use
> and how would you control the
> feeding rate to prevent bloat. A complete creep feed from a reputable feed company like Kent Feeds is so high in protein that it is impossible to bloat on

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