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kenny thomas

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Nov 16, 2008
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SW tip of Virginia
A statement in a PM from a member brings up this question.
How often do you visit a cattle market and watch the sale? Do you watch any sales online? Do you only go when you sell and do you check out different markets to see how they are selling?
I guess because I go at least once a week I thought most people did. Also watch at least one sale online somewhere else to compare if I have time.
I only make it to 1 or 2 sales per month depending on what I have going and the weather but I do check the markets reports on 2 or 3 large auctions on a weekly basis

our local auction is not a good indicator of actual market prices I can easily check a couple that are 50- 100 miles away and get better actual market prices
Neighbor and I make time to go each week to watch the cows sell, eat lunch and BS with a few guys. Takes about two - three hours out of a day a week. Just something we started when I stopped the paycheck job 4 years ago. Wasn't ever able to go for 26 years, I decided it was something I was going to do and I'm doing it. Every now and then a conflict arises but now it is routine.
Thats the way a lot of people do here. I usually get there about an hour before the sale starts, eat lunch and shoot the bull with everybody. A lot of older people still come even though some don't even own cows anymore. About the only time I miss is when I am working away.
Hillsdown, I bet I have the same bad habit. I can not keep from bidding if I think it is a bargin.
grannysoo":2u30eb7i said:
Not very often. I do go to the barber shop more often, and you can catch up on the same gossip there. :roll:

:lol2: :lol2: Compared to my barber, Rush and Hannity are left wing liberals. :nod:
i used to go the dairy cattle sale every stopped going when a buddy of mine could no longer go.would always sitt on cattle traders row.there was 7 of us that sitt we smoked cigs an cigars an dipped we was always in a smoke haze.i only go to 2 sales a yr they are reg beefmaster sales.
When I saw how often I thought the topic was on something else but my mind always go to the gutter anyway so I will not coment on this topic
I love to go to the sale barn. The perfect place for me and about 15 other old farts to take a good nap. :lol: :lol: Only get to go every 3-4 weeks tho.
A little different question, for those who rarely or never go to the sales how do you decide when and where to sell. Do you just sell when the mood hits, or a certain time each year?
There is so much difference in prices for some times of the year how do you stay informed.
How many are selling their cull cows next week which is historically the highest slaughter cow and bull prices of the year? By the way cows and bulls are already up really good this week.
hillsdown":12f77mty said:
I have a very bad habit when I go to sales so it is best for me that I avoid them as much as possible..

Got that same bad habit, but I still go at least once a month though. :cowboy:

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