How much grain/minerals on average per head for cattle on forage

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Jul 8, 2017
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Bulls Gap, TN
My father recently passed away (run over by a tractor) and I am now the proud owner or 30 head of cattle. I grew up farming, but have not been active for over 30 years other than occasionally mowing or baling hay. My question is, how much grain/minerals/ salt should I be feeding on average per day per head to supplement them? I live in East Tennessee and the hay fields are in great shape, but the fences and pasture not so much. I know what I have to do with the fences (but grounding electric in our rocky soil is tough). My only real issue right now is how much to feed as a supplement?
They probably won't need a supplement while the grass is green. Many go ahead and feed though. It won't hurt, but it cost and don't pay. I'd figure 2 bags of mineral per cow. Feed that free choice. Not entirely sure about hay feeding in east tennesse. Safe side might be 5 5'x5' rolls per cow.
Gee, that's a bit brutal being run over by the tractor, sorry for your loss.

Yeh just the mineral free choice. I prefer mineral without any sweetener in it like copra meal that they use here to attract them to it. With just plain mineral they will eat it if they need it. Phosphorous and sodium are the main minerals that they will get cravings for.

We feed a hi-mag free choice year round. Cheap insurance for us. As for grain, we'll feed every 2 - 3 weeks just to get cows coming into coral. Take that time to really look at cows and see if any problems.

Good luck and sorry for your loss.
Everyone has talked about mineral. I also keep loose mineral out year round, and I have loose salt right there beside it.
Sorry for your fathers passing , mine left me 23 yrs ago , suddenly also. Free choice mineral and salt, as much as they will eat.

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