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Oct 12, 2009
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Molino Florida
Last Saturday we rode up to an equipment auction, this auction is a fund raiser for our local Ruritan club and always a good time to see friends and neighbors. Our son and daughter in law came with the twins, which played on the playground and had a great time. Of course they wanted to ride back to the farm with GG and Paw Paw. They both wanted to help work at the farm.

We had a great afternoon feeding the calves. We creep graze the calves and have feeders in the fields which we bucket feed them to get them use to eating at a feed bunk.

Cleaning the commidity bin was a big chore for a 5 year old. I should of got a photo of Paw Paw and E in the skid steer she is really doing great driving it!
Looks like y'all had a great time. Looks like it was pretty weather too.

I like your feeders where did you get them and do they hold up?

I honestly don't remember where we got the feeders I think it was Fuller supply in Dothan AL but I would not swear to it. As to how they hold up apparently better than my memory. They do split in the bottom but other than concrete they have held up the best of any other type we have had over the years.

Beautiful grass. Beautiful grandkids. Not necessarily in that order! Although it is still deep winter up here, so.... ;-)

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