How many of you have scales under your squeeze?

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We put the scale under a "cage" type of deal just before they pass through the palp cage. I debated putting them under the squeeze but I would have had to pour a concrete pad for the weighbars to set on. I was also concerned that the possible banging around the a nut case might do could over time damage the weighbars.
We have a digital scale unit (load bars) under our Medina Hinge squeeze area. Platform on top of load bars made of 2" angle iron with 2 x 12" treated lumber for the "floor". Have had absolutely no problem with risk of damage to unit. Once cattle are in squeeze area they settle down (except an occasional jumpy calf). Scale unit on a concrete pad.

Tried to upload photo...stupid won't load. If you want to see photos of our set-up go to our website and visit the several galleries of photos we have on it.

Sorry about photo.