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How many miles do you put on your vehicle per year?

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I put over 30,000 on my truck a year easily. The "farm truck" however does good to see 5000 a year. She is road worthy in an emergency, but that is about it.
Hmm ...

Oldest gaughter plays hockey on two teams - each about 50 miles from home - at least 3 games per week and two practises in total. Fortunately she can drive - legally that is.

Youngest daughter figure skates - in the opposite direction of course - 5 nights a week - she's to young to drive when off the farm.

I work out to keep the farm from going under - 40 miles each way each day. Wife works out now to keep farm going - 15 miles each way each day.

Makes me wonder if we shouldn't just chuck it some times. Not many business owners take a second job just to keep their business from going under.

Then I get a chance like today - to show a bunch of government guys around the place. They were here to see how we manage our excess water and drainage problems. They were amazed. Maybe I should take up consulting. Don't really see why all those folks with PHD's had to come and see my place - after all, water only flows in one direction if you let Mother Nature do her thing with no interference.

Maybe I need to learn how to write those big fancy words and try to get a government grant to explain that water flows downhill?

Seems like those guys who visited today were pretty impressed with what we had accomplished. Most of the folks on this site could easily have done what I did. Go figure.


I use one truck for everything: the farm, the ranch, my day job, hunting, etc. I average about 40k per year. I am trying to eliminate some of my miles, but figuring out what to cut out is hard. The feds say that the average american drives 12k per year or so and their annual fuel cost has gone up by $400 per year. Rural people have no choice but to drive more. Many of us have day jobs that require 50-100 mile commutes everyday. The grocery-feed-parts stores are 15 miles one way. The bad part of it is that incomes are traditionally lower in rural areas. These fuel prices have a direct relationship to many of the fertilizers and chemicals we use. My anuual cost have gone up several thousand dollars per year in the last couple of years.

We put about 30 on. Plus 13-1400 hours on a loader tractor, 1000 on the main tillage tractor and about 600 on the old 2 wheel drive.
I hear you on the hockey miles Bez! I have kids on 3 different teams so we make at least one trip to the home arena every day. Weekends are the worst when we have a morning, afternoon, and night practice. I joke about getting a cheap apartment in town, but sometimes I think it would be cheaper. But it is a blast, it's all worth it!

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