How long before putting with other cows?

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Nov 28, 2007
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I finally found what was making my calves sick, I lost 2 and have 1 that I have been treating the last 4 days with medication, he is going up hill fast and is very perky and active. What they ended up having was Coccidiosis, it would have been nice to know this before I lost 2 and only saved 1 but I was wondering how long you would wait before putting him with other calves, I have 4 other very healthy calves across the road in another pasture, and he seems to be wanting some company, but I don't want to risk at all any of my other calves (between the ages of 1-3 months old, Jersey heifers/steer) catching Coccidiosis because it's a nasty disease. So what are your recommendations, the cow seems healthy but I would rather him not carry the disease to another area and start the other calves getting sick, if he is acting healthy and gaining weight (he never got badly sick with it, he kept healthy and just for a day or 2 was down but is okay now), eating well, and active would it be safe to soon put him in with some other calves?
Coccidiosis is not transmited from calf to calf but picked up as the calf sheds the bug. It can stay in a dirty barn or lot forever. Need to treat all calves that are brought into that area. Fecal test will show when they are clean is the only sure way to know.

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