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Jun 3, 2004
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East Texas
Mahoney Pursley Ranch":3ghwg2pq said:
It don't pay to get the hackels raised on an Americans back !
I don't disagree with you, Mahoney. My only point is that there is a better place for that discussion than the Beginner's Board! How 'bout here?
I am just glad to be on speaking term with someone onthis board. Seems everytime I open my mouth someone is waiting to jump down my throat. Funny how politics can bring people together.
Texan":2h7zbfue said:
txshowmom":2h7zbfue said:
Maybe we can stay out of trouble here. :D
By the way, if you ever call me a Democrat again, I will define "trouble" for you.:D

I agree with you Texan. Some of this is getting pretty riduclious.
la4angus":1n1h2f7i said:
Some of this is getting pretty ridiculous.
I agree. Normally, I would be one of the first to worry about censorship when a post is locked. But in the case of the latest one, I am glad to see it locked. Very disappointed to see the selective deletion of some posts, however. Maybe you proud Christian Americans should watch what you say! :cry:

I don't want to sound like a hypocrite, either. Everybody knows I'll be one of the first ones to show up at the argument for all the name calling and personal attacks. I just feel like the Beginner's Board and the Health and Nutrition Board are two places where we should try hard to help the people that come there asking for it. But, I've done my share of nonsense there, too. Its just that most of the people who post questions on those two Boards either need our help, or are interested in becoming part of our industry. I think I'll try harder to see that they have a good experience!
Humor may frequently be rediculous but not everything that is qualifies as humor.

I haven't been posting much lately mainly because since I'm at school now and don't get to see the beginning of a topic I'd be getting in on the nonsence and bickering that's been goin on in the better share of them and I really don't need to be stirring things up and making enemies on here. I think the only boards that haven't had problems are the horse board and the machinery board.

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