How big will she get?

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Jun 1, 2005
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Middle Tennessee
This is a picture (sorry cell phone quality) of my 14 month old Walkaloosa filly. She is standing next to her dam who is 16 hands high. This filly is putting on weight and muscle pretty well. The sire was a 16 hand Leopard Appaloosa stud with pretty good muscling. I am curious what ya'll think she will grow out to be. Right now she is 15 hands high.

measure the length of her leg between the center of her knee to the center of the lower joint and see how many inches it is it will tell you within an inch or 2 of her full grown height that bone if it is 15 1/2 inches she will be apprx 15 1/2 hands you can measure it when she is a new born or weanling or whenever and it will be close because it never grows
16 hands. Funny how pictures are. The dam doesn't look to be 16 hands.
Here is a better picture of the dam. The guy holding her is pretty tall (about 6' 3"). She is a big girl. She has a stride like a giraffe. My riding friends have smaller horses and theirs seem to have to trot to keep up with her long strided walk. Bad thing about a tall horse is getting on and also riding on trails where there are low hanging limbs. It keeps you busy pushing them out of the way.

Guess if I had paid closer attention to the fence in the first picture she would have looked much taller.

You it's kind of funny my 14.2 QH walks away from everyone's horse I ride with. This little boy can flat walk it out. :D

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