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Dec 28, 2010
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southern il.
Asking how you move equipment between fields . I have 9 small fields of hay that I bale stretching over a 10 mile run . Mostly along a rural highway. Wife was able to help a lot last season . She's working out town this year and won't be near as available this year . Mowing ,tedding , raking and baling . Just a one man show so looking for moving ideas. I have a phobia , I feel like I need to have my truck and tools in the field I'm working in . Hasn't always worked out but prefer it that way . How do you roll ? Thanks Rj
I have stuff scattered all over I generally will drive the tractor and cutter where I need it then pull a piece at a time with the truck. Tedder rake baler
Same here, usually drive tractor and mower. Sometimes haul rake or tedder on trailer and usually pull baler down the road with truck. Then pull mower back with truck and leave baler hooked to tractor to pull home when finished. Still usually need rides back and forth from somebody though at some points. Can be a pain for sure. I also like to have my truck for tools, fuel, or to run out of the field if needed.
I have a heavy duty tow bar that I attach to my farm pickup and drop off for distant fields. Load RTV on trailer for short distances. I try not to be without tools or a ride.

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