How’s your grass?

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This field has the river on none side and the main irrigation ditch on the other side. Add in the field ditch down the middle and 2 springs which don't get mowed too close to. This adds up to a fair amount of ground which doesn't get cut for hay. So with all that lush green grass available every time I go out there 25% of the calves will off in those old over grown mature grass areas. First thing yesterday morning about half the herd was in the area of the most alfalfa. Ten minutes later the migration was on. They all marched about 200 yards over to the area of one of those springs and went to eating that old rank grass. I guess they figured they needed more fiber in their diet.

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Yup they need some scratch to go with the high nutrient stuff.
We got a couple inches of rain 2 nights ago..... finally! We had a couple of 1/8 inch rains in August but haven't had anything that made a puddle since mid July. It has been dry and crunchy lately. After 2 days of sunshine we now have grass again. Oh happy cows..... time to start rotation again.
This is what AccuWeather says for today through Monday: Very hot and less humid with sizzling sunshine; start of a prolonged and extreme heat wave. High 109
And Tuesday: Blazing sunshine and very hot; danger of dehydration and heatstroke if outside for extended periods of time. High 106

So, evidently the difference between sizzling and blazing is 3 degrees.
Reading back through this thread and saw the difference between blazing and sizzling is 3 degrees…had to chuckle

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