Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo

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Jan 20, 2004
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Does anyone ever go to the Houston Show? If so can you give me some info on it. Like how to you get your tickets? How many days are the tickets good for? If you get tickets to the Livestock show, does that also include the rodeo for that evening? Please help.
since i live in houston, i guess i can help ya out. i go every year, usually for 10-15 of the 19 days. i get an exhibitors badge so i dont have to pay, but i can tell ya about the fees. to go to the rodeo every evening at 7:00pm (except weekends, which are at 3:00pm), you must buy tickets in advance through ticketmaster. if i remember correctly tickets start at $17 and go up to $72. may sound expensive, but thats great considering you get 4 hours of entertainment, you also get into the livestock show free with a rodeo ticket. if you do not plan on going to the rodeo, you can buy tickets to the livestock show when you walk up to the gates for about $6-7. also both of those get you into the carnival, but rides cost extra money (way too much if you ask me). the carnival in my opinion is a waste of time, but brings a lot of visitors, it does have good food though.

the livestock show has everything you could want to see, if your there on the right days. obviously they cant cram everything in at the same time, so some days they have bulls, some days heifers, steers, goats, etc all spaced out through those 3 weeks. best bet is to check http://www.hlsr.com later on closer to show time to plan when you wanna visit. also, if your interested in Brahmans, the international brahman show is held at the livestock show. President Bush made a special visit to the brahman show last time around, hopefully he will again next year when im showing there.

hope that helps you, if you have any questions at all ask away.
:idea: One more thing. If your just going to hang out you can generally always get a standing room only ticket at the gate, even on the sell out nights. Course ifin your taken your family or something you'd want a seat. I generally do that just to get down to the chute c.
So, if you buy a Rodeo ticket, it also gets you into the Livestock show for THAT DAY. What if you wanted to go more than one day? I guess you could just pay the six dollars everyday, and get into the Livestock show? Am I right, I mean after youve seen the rodeo once, I guess theres nothing really to see. Do different musicians sing every night after the Rodeo?
Most of these events will sell you a season pass for the total time of the show..
Copeman -- yes, different entertainers each night, lots of big names (George Strait, Reba, etc.). Also, the rodeo and livestock show lasts for around three weeks. For about the first week and a half the "commercial" cattle, etc. exhibiters are there; then the kids (calves, goats, llamas & alpacas, pigs, rabbitts, chickens, etc.) take over for the second week and a half.

Most of the entertainers are C & W oriented, but every year there are also a few performaces by "rock types", as well as Hispanic (go Tejano day) and black entertainers.

But you can definitely just buy tickets for the stock show and exhibits if you want to pass on the rodeo and singers.
yeah, the ticket for the rodeo will only get you in the livestock show the day of the rodeo. here is a short list of this past years entertainers that i saw.
George Strait
Willie Nelson
Brooks and Dunn
Kenny Chesney
Pat Green
Clay Walker
Dierks Bentley
Robert Earl Keen
You can also get the livestock show results on the same web sites.. including the "big daddy" of them all, the junior steer show.

The livestock shows are GREAT.. and a lot of the breeds have their major show at Houston (especially eared cattle) so it's a great time to check up on your breed. Plenty of good exhibits and food, so you can't go wrong for the price of a ticket! The entertainment is pretty good too! :D
The nice thing about the web site (http://www.hlsr.com/) is they list all the events, mule show, horse shows, different breed class, what night the different performers are on, etc. about a month or so ahead of time. Then you can make plans to go and see what or whom you wish to see.
If it's anything like the Fort Worth Show, then you'd better buy your rodeo tickets as soon as they become available, as they usualy sell out in a couple of days! But you could definately spend a whole weekend there without going to the rodeo, as there are many exhibits and different livestock competitions to check out. Go check out Galveston Beach while your down there. And NASA space center.
yeah you definately buy tickets as soon as they go on sale, unless you dont mind sitting at the very top of the stadium. for good performers the tickets usually sell out within a few hours after they go on sale.

forget galveston, thats a dump. go to surfside. in galveston you stand in water to your ankles and you cant see your toes the water is so filthy. surfside is better but still dirty. surfside also has all the chicks there. plus you can drive on the beach in surfside too. but if you wanna check out the texas beaches go to Corpus Christi or South Padre Island. those are the most beautiful beaches in texas, but they are several hours from houston (i think about 5-7 hour drive), but worth it if you plan on staying there a couple days. also a whole lot more you can see in SE Texas. you could plan a couple week trip just in SE Texas.

also i think youd enjoy the rodeo Cook-Off. worlds biggest barbeque. over 350 teams goin for the title of World Champion. starts the weekend before the livestock show starts. great food, all you can drink, one big huge party, all for about $7.
It takes more than one day to really see it all, that is for sure. You definately will enjoy the BBQ cook-off, and I personally enjoy the Donkey and Mule Show. The link posted above has all the info you will need as for as schedules. It's trying to coordinate everything you want to see that is difficult. I lived in Houston for about 20 or more years and went every year. Take any extra cash you can, there are lot's of things to buy!

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