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May 10, 2005
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When I was pulling my stock trailer yesterday I pulled over to get fuel. When I got out I noticed a burning smell like I had smoked my brakes a little bit. I walked back to the trailer and noticed that my wheel and hub where very hot on the driver side, and warm on the passenger side. I was almost home so I went ahead and pushed on. When I got home I poped off the greese cap and the grease smelt burn't. I was wondering what this could be. On one side the grease also had a little water in it. = I am not an expert with axles so I am kinda clueless. I also have trailer brakes but no module in my pick up, wondering If they could be locking up. Comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Kane
Could be several things.

-trailer brakes dragging
-water in the grease, getting dry (strange that both of them)
-nut too tight on spindle (not likely unless you have been messing with it lately)

Jack up the trailer and try to spin the wheels to see if it is a break dragging. Then I would go ahead and pull all the wheels and hubs off. Look at the bearings, replace if need be but atleast re-pack with grease and get some new caps for that side with the water, maybe all four.

I don't like taking chances on old tires or bearing stuff. One its dangerous... two, I hate to get stuck on the side of the road jacking with that kind of stuff because I am lazy. :D Also, if you don't use the breaks, you might want to totally disable them just to make sure they don't cause problems down the road.
My trailer has brakes and a safety line (wire) that attaches to the rear of my truck. If the trailer ever disconnects from the hitch, the trailer brakes will lock up when this line pulls from my truck. If your trailer has brakes you may have this safety line also. May not be the problem but check it out.
Brute 23":34yr3fsj said:
:D Also, if you don't use the breaks, you might want to totally disable them just to make sure they don't cause problems down the road.
I will have to strongly disagree with this. The brakes are there for a reason. Repair them and get a controller. You may not value your life but there are others on the road that value theirs. If you have ever had a trailer push you over someone else's car you would never get on the road again without checking them. Even an empty trailer can generate tremendous force when trying to stop, especially on a down hill or slick road. Optimism is great until you kill someone.
I would pull the hubs off and look at everything. I bet its needs a grease change but you might have killed it if you let the smoke out. I switch over to marine grade grease for all my fittings.

If you don’t have a controller in the truck then no the brakes should not be on. If they were getting power you should have noticed because they would be all they way on. I don’t always plug them up when I’m just on the farm but always use them on the road. I do keep the controller set as if the trailer is empty and will turn it up if needed.
theres 2 things that need tobe done.1 is check your breaks on that make sure they arnt wore out or stuck togather.the other is you blew out your wheel they both need replacing an repacking.but im betting your breaks are froze up.
Well it ended up being the trailer brakes. They were rubbing on the driver side and were already worn off on the passenger. Thanks Kane
Brute 23":38bynp0l said:
Still need to re-pack those bearing and get new covers or you will be posting on here again later down the road... hopefully. ;-)
Absolutely, probably got hot enough to ruin the grease in that wheel, possibly the other wheels got hot enough before to ruin the grease before it was noticed. Clean out the old grease and re-pack those bearings.

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