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I am in southern Alberta, Canada. We recently added a calving barn because we were losing too many calves to the cold. Does anybody have plans for a hot box to dry newborns off? Thanks in advance!
If you ever get your self in a pickle and don,t have a hot box.Heres an old vet trick I was shown. You can warm a calfs internal temp ,by putting him in a bathtub and slowly warming the water up.Don,t get his head wet or you could wash off mama ,s scent.Towell dry him to get the circulation going.Shot of Colustrum and you are away.We usually let him dry of fairly well after the bath. :) :)
I am in Southern Alberta and don't have a calving barn either. We use this brand of calf warmer.

When its colder than -20 it needs two heaters. It comes with one heater but there is a slot on both sides and we put an old In car heater blower in the other side.

Takes about 2 hours to fully dry and warm a calf...... works very well.

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