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Jan 21, 2012
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Hi. My name is Sherry and I have a 2.5 week old holstein calf that can stand, walk and trot around. She can lay down on her own and once she is laying down she can get back up IF her legs remain under her abdomen. But if she lays on her side, she thrashes around rubbing sores on her hip bones and the sides of her legs because she can not get up. It is like she can't figure out how to put her legs underneath herself in order for her to rise upward. She is a twin, the second born. She was at the local dairy, but since the dairyman has limited time, I brought her to my house to offer some theraputic activity to try and help her. Has anybody seen this before. She seems a little stiff in her back legs when she walks and trots but not bad enough to stop her. Her disposition is great and she has a hearty appetite. Her stools are yellow and pasty; bad thing is if she gets in that position at night, her stool gets all over her back side and keeps her a mess back there. Can anybody enlighten us. The vet is coming in the next week to do a herd check. She does not seem to be in any pain at all. One other thing: When I try to roll her over on her belly to get her up, she stiffens up but once I get her up she is fine.

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