Horses stolen from Houston

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These two horses have been stolen in Texas this month. Please take a look, and feel free to cross post and to print and post flyers at auctions, tackshops, and barns. The owners miss them dearly!

Opie is a 5 year-old chestnut and white pinto American Saddlebred was stolen from San Antonio around 3/11/03. His flyer is available at <A HREF="" TARGET="_blank"></A>

Sinatra is a 3 year-old, tricolored paint/clydesdale cross with white stocking, bald face, and blue eyes, stolen from Houston 03/20/03. His flyer is at <A HREF="" TARGET="_blank"></A>

There is also a 2-page, pdf flyer that features 8 horses stolen from Texas at <A HREF="" TARGET="_blank"></A>

I have also created an email discussion group for horse theft alerts, events, prevention, and networking specifically for Texas. For more information, please visit <A HREF="" TARGET="_blank"></A> .

Thanks, Jenn

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