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Many years ago we used a two horse trailer for a couple of cows. We took out the center divider and it worked pretty well until one of the cows got excited and climbed into the manger and broke through the floor of the manger and was seriously hung up. It's amazing what a small space a 1100 lb cow can get into with enough incentive.


I was wondering how a 2-horse trailer would work for cattle for a person starting out?
Horse trailers typically cost more then stock trailers of the same general size. You can safely haul horses in a stock trailer but not necesarrily the other way around. It would work fine for little calves, but they have a tendency to grow and get too big too fast.

I like a stock trailer better for horses. If you open the escape door a horse can see day light an usually will load easier. I use a camper shell for tack storage.
We use both a 2 horse rear load trailer and a "combo" trailer for hauling our Longhorns as well as horses (but not at same time). The 2 horse trailer can haul ONE adult cow or fine; or, to haul 2 calves.

The Combo trailer has center divider and we can haull 1 or 2 in each section, depending on their size. Can haul one cow and her nursing calf in each section.

Have used this system hauling Lo0nghorns 4-6 hours to a show with no problems, as well as hauling one or 2 same distance. Helps to give them a flake or two of hau to munch on while they are traveling--keeps their mind off other things.
Another thought. BEFORE you borrow or rent a trailer from a private individual, be sure the wheel bearings are checked and packed properly. Also, hitch is in good working order as well as lights. Borrowed trailers have been known to breakdown when YOU have
One note of the utmost importance in any trailer you decide to use:
Roll back the rubber matting and check the floorboards for soundness.

I've heard too many horror stories of both horses and cattle coming through the floor while being hauled and having their legs shorn off.

It's one of those "ounce of prevention being worth a pound of cure" things. Also check the brakes and lights thoroughly before you back into the chute to load up.

Take care.
We use a 2 horse trailer, bought it because the price was right. It is a larger trailer (I have seen small ones). Took out the dividers, the floor is in good shape and it has worked well for us. We have hauled two animals to the processor in it for the last few years (they weighed about 1300-1400lbs) with no problem.

would have prefered a stock trailer, but again this one was the right price and its worked out fine. donna

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