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Oct 31, 2006
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As you know here in Uruguay our hereford herd is aprox. 7 million heads so there is a lot of good animals to look.
Last week end I went to stay at my cousin in law farm and here are some pictures of his bulls. I decided to bring some of them to my AI Center to collect them, so soon we will see how well they work.

There is one bull that I like it very much, maybe a little bit big in the shoulder area but with good EPD's
Our EPD's are the same that the american ones.

Bith weight: 0,9
220 days : 11,9
15 months 20,1
18 months 22,5
Milk: 2,6
SC: 1,04
Fat: 0,36
REA: 3,614 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is him




Some other bulls



Hope you enjoy them

Knersie, they are all yours..shoot them and keep teaching me :cboy:

Can't fault him at all, don't see a problem with the shoulders, all I see is a bull that is very much needed in our breed. Full eye pigment would have been prefered, but he has very good eyeset and very prominent eyebanks. The photo of the group of bulls grazing with their heads towards the camera is outstanding as is the group of bulls. There certainly isn't any topline issues with them, they have outstanding tops with width from end to end that has mostly been lost elsewhere in the world.

Find me a poll bull like that with full pigment and breed average or slightly above milk and we can talk business.

I will grab one of those, cut the horns off and put some paint in the eyes and it's all yours... :lol2:

Really you don't find him a little bit heavy on the shoulders ?? I was sure that was going to be your first shot.

So great !! Now I like him much more !!!!!

About a polled and well pigmented bull I will see what can I find, I know what you are looking for, I have been looking for a bull for you and I have seen in the past some good bulls but because one or another reason they were not "perfect" for me. Once I saw one that look perfect for you but later I find that there was some horned blood in his genealogy so I forget him, we can not take any risks.

So, as I said, I will continue looking for "your" bull.

Once I saw one that look perfect for you but later I find that there was some horned blood in his genealogy so I forget him

Good to hear you are still looking. It really depends on how good the bull is how much a horn gene would bother me. My cowherd is pretty much polled so a hetterozygous wouldn't be the end of the world, my main AI sire that I showed you photos of is also heterozygous.

Really you don't find him a little bit heavy on the shoulders ?? I was sure that was going to be your first shot.

All I see is well muscled, sound, masculine shoulders.
one question? how do i get my bull/bull calves to look like that. is it mainly genetics or can you turn an average bull calf into a good/exceptional sire through a good feed program
Australian":1ktvr6f2 said:
We never hear or see much about Uruguay or Paraguay. Are they similar types of country?

No no no no no...I am sorry for our paraguayan brothers but thanks God is like comparing France with Cameroon !!!

Paraguayan people are great, very friendly people, but the country is wild, you have a BIG part of the country covered with thornbush, jaguars and natives living in very difficult conditions. I like that country very much but corruption is a big issue and can be also dangerous.

Our names are similar but while they are deep into South America we are along the ocean coast between Argentina and Brazil, we don't have borders with Paraguay. Our population is 99% european with few families of african native origin, no southamerican natives here.

Also we are conformed by big plains and rolling hills covered with grass while they have jungles and that kind of stuff.


Yes indeed we have Brangus and Brafords here, I will call some friends who breeds them and post some pictures for you.
I want to use a good red angus bull I have in some red brangus cows, I think that the offsprings will have more taurus blood than indicus but they will be great for not very extreme conditions. What you think ?

Here is the red angus bull, I have posted this bull MANY times here so sorry for tiring you with this bull but I really like him very much !!! I think that using him in red brangus cows will produce good meat animals for dry and hot areas.


northtexas":1tl42fnp said:
You can cover up a lot of flaws with a big enough feed sack.

How much green grass can YOU stuff in a feed sack. If you had been paying attention to his post all along you would know there is little if any grain fed to those cattle down there.

BTW which specific flaw would you be able to point out?
Lorenzo, will that Hereford semen ever be available in the US of A? I guess I'm hinting that if it were, I'd be first in line to get some. Those kind of cattle are just awesome. Even for being red, white, and horned. ;-)
(I'm a polled Black Angus breeder.)
Here we don't have many feedlots, there are some but not many, that is something rather new down here, maybe because it's cheapier to fed the cows with grass than buying corn or whatever, also our climate is mild so there is no need to keep the cows "inside".

At the beggining some of us down here were excited about how tender the meats of these feedlots where but after some time we start them finding with other flavour, today we prefer our normal meat from farm cattle.


Yes semen will be available for the US. I own an AI center and a lab that it's authorize to export semen. But I think we can not do business in this forum and I don't want to look like a salesman posting these pics for "hunting" clients later.

The truth is that I really enjoy and learn about cattle here !!! I am not an expert, I just own the facilities to produce semen straws and embryos nothing more. Weird uh ??? :cboy:

Anyhow, you can contact me at [email protected]

Very good bulls. I would like to know more about the age of them and the feed program ( grass only?)
and actual birthweights of the bulls and then see some daughters.Thanks JHH

Almost forgot frame size also thanks
Lorenzo, enjoy your posts and comments. And I like your cattle too.
Been out hunting lately?

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