Hoover Dam Heifer

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Stocker Steve":1wdql4y1 said:
Lucky_P":1wdql4y1 said:
Looks like a nice enough heifer to me

What would an open Hoover Dam yearling heifer like that be worth in your area? Here they r asking U$S 1300 to 1450.

Steve it will be interesting what they ask this year. Last year a yearling like that with papers would of been priced 1,500-1,750 and would of actually brought around the low figure. A commercial heifer of that caliper was priced 1,250-1,450 and most sold around 1,350. I expect them to be priced lower this year. I've only seen a few priced so far and they have been 1,750-2,200 but think they were likely just testing the water and seeing what they might be offered. So not putting any merit into those quotes.

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