Hoof rot...

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Get her up and have a look if you can. Had one do this couple weeks ago, just had a stick wedge between her toes, couldn't see it until you lifted her foot up. Hope its nothing serious.
The only way to really know what's going on is to get her in the chute but depending how docile she is, can you pull obvious debris (grass, twigs) from between her toes (I use needle nose pliers) & take a whiff? There's no mistaking the smell of foot rot!
When one starts limping I pretty much always do what you said in your first post. Wait a few days to see if it gets better on its own.
I had a cow limping around a few weeks ago and left her alone for a bit and she healed up fine. I would also make sure that it is not a crack, I have had a few that limp and when I check closer they have a small crack, that is just big enough to irritated them.