Holding Pen & Chute

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Nov 18, 2007
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The soil is now dry enough to begin my next project. I need some opinions.
Holding Pen and Chute---min. six inch round posts, min. thirty inches deep in concrete on six foot centers. Four rows of half inch rebar horizontal with flexible wire panel over the rebar. Do you think that will hold a cow. My thoughts are that rebar is much cheeper and stronger than lumber. Has anyone ever tried this. I appreciate any advice you can give. Thank you,
I know it is redesigning your design. Not all that much more work if you have any welding skills and materials are available.

2 3/8 oilfield pipe for post and top rail, upgrade the 1/2 in rebar to 3/4 (or sucker rod) and add 2 more. Concrete for a 12 inch hole and 6 inch post is going to be about the same as for a 9 inch hole and pipe.

:D If you look close enough, you can see all three of my designs. The pipe and sucker rod cow lot, the 6 inch wood post with 2x6 and cattle panels, and then the cattle panel and t-post wing fence. The 2x6 and cattle panel part used to be t-post and cattle panel until my bulls learned they could push their way thru.
If you can look past the ugly steer :p you can see the fence/pen. That sucker rod was passed through the pipe first then welded. My brother blew a hole through the pipe and put the sucker rod through it and then welded it. The fence is three years old and we havnt had a rod pop yet :D



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