hoilstein calves

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Jan 17, 2009
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i have 2 hoilstein steers just off bottle they are eating grain and drinking water. they wont touch their hay their wheezing and coughin and have runny nose what can i do for them? i got a packets of first day respsonse electrolites for em
Were they eating their hay before? Is the hay 'new'? Is it dusty or moldy? Is the runny nose running clear or yellow or white? Have you taken their temperature? Have you called your vet?

Get a hold of your vet and get some serious antibiotics, also get a temp on them.
BirchEggFarm20":3qlg7u17 said:
naw the hays new i just got the calves last night, the nose snot is green

Make yourself a note. Don't buy any more holstein calves. Weaned or otherwise unless you know where they came from, how they were raised a good history on them and YOU have raised a lot of them in the past. Guess I have a bad attitude about them but you start with almost nothing and end up with about 4 times that much.
their doin better today i threw em sum grass hay and their eatin it like crazy? why wouldn;t they eat the cheapier hay is anyway i can get them on it? its green stemy alfalfa im gone try mixing the 2 toghether
Infections are easy to get when the animal gets stressed, like when it gets moved. This is especially true for young animals that have just een weaned. Stress lowers immune function and makes them more susceptible to things.

They may be getting better now and have a better appetite for hay, but it's been my experience that cows don't want junky hay. It doesn't have the nutrients that growing calves need. It doesn't smell or taste as good as high quality hay. You can mix the two together and that may work, but make sure the junky hay doesn't have mold on it. That can cause problems. Also, if it's very dusty, that can be a problem.

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