HLS&R commercial female sale march 8

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Jun 27, 2016
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Top pairs $3400 f1 Bradford & brangus set $ 3400 also ; most were $ 2500-3000
Breds 4-6 months $ 2200-2700 f1
Set of reg herfords 2-3 months $3000
Set of reg charolais 4-5 months $3400
top golden cert f1braford open 15 months $2900
Rest of open were f1 $2500-2700
Then it got crazy
Set of open reg Brahmans 22 months $5200 another set at $5100
Then they settled out at $2800-$3600
Quality of cattle at the sale was outstanding
angus9259":15g8kjki said:
Someone has money....

Probably quite a few someones. I suspect those prices have more to do with bragging rights than the actual economic value of the animals.

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