Hitched without a "hitch"

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Feb 16, 2008
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Central Iowa- USA
Our son got married this weekend. Everything went great. Beautiful Bride, Service, and Weather.
At the reception and dance instead of the traditional $1 dance they thought for fun they would do a Garter Auction. They thought that it would be a fun interlude and get maybe $20 for the laugh. Well it started out for $1 with no one knowing what to expect then it started building of course I got in to the bidding and kept running the price up to $25. My thought was that this is just another way to give the newlyweds some travel money. Then the Best Man tops that and his older brother tried topping his bid. Therefore I gave my bid money to the Best Man and then Family members started giving to the seperate brothers and the bidding kept going . Finally an uncle stepped in and suggested that they combine the money and have joint custody, which they agreed upon, and the best part was the father of the two bidders had to go get the garter. He is one of the most unassuming quiet guys and is good natured but likes to stay in the background. And for him to go into the spotlight to get the garter was worth the whole episode. Any way they ended up with $320 and everyone had fun.

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