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Dec 23, 2003
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i received this in an e-mail yesterday........interesting

Hillary's Strategy
by Fred Marshall Jr.
January 17, 2004

Hillary has long been obsessed with becoming the first woman president of the United States. Some who have worked close to her, dating back to her Arkansas days, say so. It's a good bet she spends her every waking moment planning to achieve that goal.

2008 will be, realistically, her last opportunity. She has already amassed a war chest in excess of $230 million for the purpose of running for President. If Bush wins re-election in 2004, then 2008 will be the year she will pull out all stops and go for all the marbles. She will easily get the Democratic nomination then and face a yet-unidentified republican opponent. Should the Republicans put up another candidate as impotent as Bob Dole was, she will waltz into the presidency virtually unopposed. Sources once close to her say she plans to be America's LAST president, which she will ensure by suspending elections under martial law, by executive order.

Her aspirations for 2008 would be doused if a Democratic candidate should be elected in 2004, because that person would run for re-election in 2008 and the DNC won't put her....or anybody else....up against a sitting Democratic president. You can almost count on that. Under that scenario, she will be too old and too ugly to run in 2012....2008 is her last chance. That's all the more reason for her to keep all Democratic hopefuls as weak as possible, to insure Bush beats the eventual front-runner.

So, it is in her best interest for Bush to be re-elected, if we assume that 2008 is the year she prefers to run. That is PART of the reason she and Bill have worked to systematically trash the leading Democratic contenders in the current field of village idiots.

Meanwhile, she has taken up the three-point ready stance just in case a golden opportunity presents itself in 2004. Why wait four more years if she can get in now? She can enter the 2004 race right up until the Democratic Convention in August. She quietly paid the filing fee, filed and qualified to run for president in 2004, just in case. That is a matter of record.

If August approaches and the primaries season has produced no candidate with a commanding lead and strong following, or if there is a clear leader but he is not a strong one, then the way will have already been paved for a "draft-Hillary-as-our-best-hope" hijacking of the Democratic Convention to name Hillary as the Democratic candidate for this year's election. She can, in that way, become the Party's nominee without having exposed herself to any criticism during the primaries season.

By keeping the field of Democratic hopefuls in check up to that point, she is poised to exploit any major late-breaking Bush blunder that could undermine his re-electability that close to election day, which might possibly allow even a weak Democratic candidate to "slide" obliquely into the presidency. Should that occur, she intends to make sure that SHE is that candidate, which is an even BETTER reason she aims to keep all Democratic candidates as weak as possible so that she looks stronger than she is.

There is another element to this plan; keeping up the pressure on Bush by duping the Democratic candidates into continually criticizing nearly everything Bush does....that is still to come. It is important to her that every chink in Bush's armor be penetrated; the "death by a thousand paper cuts" phenomenon is no myth (most think Terry McAuliffe is leading the Democratic Party, but he s merely Hillary s puppet).

There are three significant advantages for Hillary in this strategy. First, she won't have to spend any of her war chest between now and July or so, while the other candidates are depleting their campaign budgets in their efforts.

Secondly, while they have all been out slinging mud at one another for months, she will have kept herself above the fray and not the target of any mudslinging or other attacks from her own party. By entering the race at or near Convention time, she effectively denies opponents....both Democrat and Republican....the opportunity to mount any significant media campaigns against her; it will be too late. She'll be the Democratic nominee, and the Republicans will have only 90 days to expose and discredit her. And, with the McCain-Feingold bill blocking most political advertising the last 60 days before the election, she'll have the liberal mainstream media on her side while most opposing voices will be silenced by law.

Thirdly, she would not have to face, in 2004, the Republican she fears most; Senator Bill Frist. Frist is a doctor. He appears to be clean, has no skeletons that we know of, no closet full of interns, and is basically conservative by most accounts.

Given all the above, a set of circumstances could easily materialize which could allow her to sneak right into the presidency virtually by stealth.

I believe that the 2004 strategy is Hillary's prime objective; I think 2008 has been her ALTERNATE plan all along. So far, she has done a good job of keeping the masses fooled into believing she plans to quietly serve out her Senate term till 2006. But reneging on such a pledge will not be new ground for her; she helped Bill do it, in 1992, in Arkansas. She'll simply say something like "Folks, I had planned to stay in the Senate, but the party needs me. Besides, I can do more for New York as president than I can as Senator."

I just hope Republican strategists have a contingency plan in place, primed and ready to bombard her from August till November if she DOES rear her ugly head. If they don't have, they won't be able to mount a last-minute strategy that can be considered even remotely formidable.

America's worst possible nightmare will hit like a bolt of thunder if Hillary Rodham Clinton becomes President of the United States. The American people won't know what has hit them.

And what happens to the unspent balance of her $230 million dollar war chest? It's hers, free and clear.
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! She is even worst than Bush! its all the more reason Bush should not be re-elected! Gosh I guess all you have to be is very rich and act half retarded to be President of the United States. Geez...we need a clean slate to start with!
Who? Edwards? Naw...he isn't exciting enough...we Americans like excitement. Besides, Edwards doesn't talk about blowing up things without any reasons... Another thing, Edwards is too smart....the characteristics to be a President is to be extremely wealthy and act half retarded...Edwards is neither one of them. Edwards would've put our country back in peacetime and fix the economy and teach the youngsters (and adults on C-Today) some manners in etiquette... If I have to vote today, I would vote for him even if he is dull. Dullness keeps us out of trouble.
Oregonian":35tg9vs0 said:
Gosh I guess all you have to be is very rich and act half retarded to be President of the United States. Geez...we need a clean slate to start with!

You're halfway there. What's your net worth?

That's a good answer, Craig. But I'm not for sure that old Oreo is really acting.
jim":2eiy2fbn said:
Good one Craig! I nearly spewed coffee onto the keyboard.
I couldn't have said it any better. The best thing is to just ignore Oreo's
posts, but I get a good laugh out of the man with two College Degrees.
Really no point in acknowledging him.
la4angus said:
I couldn't have said it any better. The best thing is to just ignore Oreo's
posts, but I get a good laugh out of the man with two College Degrees.
Really no point in acknowledging him.

me too. & i've already guessed that one degree isn't english. i would also eliminate political science & history. hmmmm......field is getting narrower w/each post he/she makes.
la4angus":1v5878y3 said:
You reckon it might be in Home Economics.

i was kind of thinking underwater basket weaving, although i'm sure there are some liberal arts schools that probably offer degrees in tree-hugging.
D.R. Cattle":3ixo2e7f said:
Truthfully speaking I think he's a kid and he lied about the degrees in defense of himself.
D.R. Cattle
Maybe he escaped and they haven't caught him yet. :cry: :cry:
If he/she really does have two degrees and is actually from Oregon I would bet the degrees are from The University of Oregon at Eugene. Otherwise know here in the northwest as "Moscow on the Willamette".

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