High tensile wire tighteners..

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Oct 31, 2006
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Alberta, Canada
What is the best tool to use on them. We have hot wire everywhere and it is all tightened with them, but I have been using large pliers to tighten them up each year when they sag and what a pain in the you know what,,,that is especially if you are just installing them.

What do you use and do they make a specific tool just for that ?

Thanks.. :tiphat:
There are a number of ratcheting devices available. The ones I use vary between $2 and $3 dollars. I use a relatively inexpensive tightening tool that is usually sold where ratchiting devics are sold. They also can be adjusted with a wrench or vice grips. They ratcheting devices have the added advantage that they will hold extra wire in case of a break.
Vise Grips work well too!! But if you want one of those ratcheting devices, which work very well, let me know and I'll pick up one at TSC and mail it over. Or, get Mr. HD to build a real fence :)
Thanks everyone, I have a special ratchet on order from Kashas so it should be in soon, fortunaelty the wires were all tightened by me last month.

Thanks for the offer bmb, I appreciate it. Actually the problem is our fences are too good, the people we bought the home quarter from ran buffalo so everything is 4 strand barb wire with a strand of high tensile in the middle that is hot and two more high tensile wires at the top of the fence that are hot as well. Even the calving area is 6 foot page wire with hot wire around it.. My cows do not go anywhere they are not supposed to.. ;-) Unless I forget to close a gate, but even then they just poke their heads out and back in they go.. :lol2:

Thanks for all of you help, it is too bad that the places around here that sell tighteners only sell the one kind ,I wish we could get the ones that you could use a wrench or a normal ratchet on.. :tiphat:
dun":3n4dh8e2 said:

I bought one of those round tighteners a while back to fix a break in one of my lines. Looked simpler than the tensioners. Nobody at the store that sold them nor I knew how to use them. It didn't come with that u shaped piece that locks it when you get the wire to the desired tension. I turned it with a 1/2 inch drive pull handle and locked it with two 20p nails. Kind of tricky getting the nails in the holes while holding tension with the pull handle. Now that I've seen a picture of it, I'll go back to the store and see if they have the u shaped pieces. It did end up being simpler than the tensioners but would be somewhat easier to install with four hands instead of two.
I'm pretty much a 1 man show besides the wife will help if I get in a bad way.I've used everything made and I'm a fan of the round daisy tighteners also.The tool makes it 100% easier.You can tighten the wire and totaly release it and have both hands to put the clip in .I think the tool was 15 bucks from Kencove.It's all I use now for all types of wire including splicing.Good Luck.
Thanks for the explaination jj. When I get back to the hardware store I'll look for the tool that turns the round part and the clips. That pull handle was a pain.
ga. prime":6twd4m9z said:
Thanks for the explaination jj. When I get back to the hardware store I'll look for the tool that turns the round part and the clips. That pull handle was a pain.

Make sure the handle you get fits the tighteners you have. I have 2 different manufacturers tighteners and had to grind a little on the handle to make them work with the newer ones I got.
ga. prime":3grjnvd0 said:
Right, dun. I'll check that. I think the store carries only Gallagher made parts and accsesories.

The Gallgher tighteners will work with the other handles but the Gallagher handle needs a touch of grinding to work with the others. The hole for the handle on the others is just enough smaller that thr Gallgher handle is a killer to get in and worse to get out

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