High desert plains and an AI question

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Hopeful Rancher

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Aug 26, 2004
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Phoenix, Arizona
Any opinions on a breed that would work good in the high desert plains. Specifically AZ/NM, at 4-5000 feet with mild summers and winters. Good range grass, but nothing too green.

Also a question on AI. I would love to hear any opinions on relying soley on AI as opposed to a bull. It's been described to me as cafateria style breading with almost guaranteed calf crops with the bull of your choice, but without the expense. I realize the work involved, but with excellent results at a fraction of the expense why wouldn't everyone do this?
AI is much more time consuming then using a bull. Heat detection, handleing them to breed them, watching for return to heat. From the middle of May till the end of June we don't get away very much unless it's for a couple of hours in the middle of the day. Other then when we ran them on range (300 acres per pair), we've also done 100% AI. Whne you get into the 75 and up range it really starts getting to be serious work for one person. But the rewards all well worth it, also I really doubt thaty in the long run there is that much difference in cost per pregnancy between the two methods even if you go with a synch program

Have tried AI on a limited basis for two years and am giving up. Cows have to be bred two or three times to conceive--late calves. Cost is too high--$15 for technician, what you can afford for semen. Some cows just don't show signs of heat during daylight hours, I think. A good bull works 24/7 and never complains :lol:

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