Hi from Oregon!

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Feb 28, 2009
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Roseburg, Oregon
Joined a few days ago. I was searching for info. on contracted tendons and came across this forum. Actually I didn't know it what it was, but found it described here. So glad I did since my first reaction was I should probably put the calf out of its misery. Apparenly I had something common and treatable.
I am from one of the most beautiful places in the world, Roseburg Oregon. I've lived here since 1992 after escaping the cold winters and buggy summers of Minnesota. My husband and I run a 925 acre cow calf operation.
I have been wondering what the stars under the names of forum members mean. Can someone tell me?
CKC1586":2ofa88pi said:
The stars relate to the number of posts you make to the forum. Glad you found us! :welcome:

Congratulations on being a 2,000 post member CKC1586.

Welcome Katpau.
:welcome: Being from south Louisiana it's hard to imagine that you escaped cold winters in Oregon, but I guess it's all in ones perspective.
Welcome to the boards!
hey from arkansas, :welcome: the contracted tendons are not the end they work their way out. one lasted 24 hours and one might last a few days, but they usually get better.
Why would anyone refer to Minnesota as COLD or BUGGY? :shock: :???:
But :welcome:
mnmtranching":2jrxuiwg said:
Why would anyone refer to Minnesota as COLD or BUGGY? :shock: :???:
But :welcome:
Does it got to be muggy to be buggy? :lol:

:welcome: from Oklahoma

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