Hey, Rustler9 ???

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Dec 23, 2004
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Hey, Quick question. I just bought a 20 month Reg. Texas longhorn bull. He measured 48.5 Tip 2 Tip.

They said this is very good for his age is this true?? I know you are very knowlegeable on these things.
I am just starting to raise horns agin. I had older stock and did not measure back when.

Anyone else who may know please throw your 2 cents in the pot.

Thanks for your Help.
To me that's a pretty good tip to tip, others might not think so. What's his blood lines if you don't mind me asking? Some of these folks who are raising some of these Hunt's Command Respect sons are getting more tip to tip but they're paying big money for it and I have not been real impressed with some of those bulls that I've seen. I would say that's about in line with our bulls at that age.
I'm told his bloodline go's heavy on Butler lines. out of Dickinson Cattle Company.

Sire: Victory lap by Winchester

Dam: Full moon fever

He go's back to some twisty horned cows and 70" T 2 T bulls.

Daddy is 68.13 T 2 T
Victory Lap's dam is an Unlimited daughter. Unlimited (straight Butler) is known for producing horn. He is also an very thick bull. Look's like Victory Lap is about 1/4 Butler with the rest being Phillips and some WR blood. Pretty good cross. I don't know anything about the dam's side. I would say the Victory Lap bull should give some good, beefy calves as well as keep the horns on there too. We have an Unlimited daughter (she's 1/2 Butler, big bodied, big twisty horns) in the Smoky Mountain sale at the end of the month. We also have an Unlimited grandson (100% Butler) 2 year old using on a group of Butler and Butler blend heifers right now.
Thanks, Rustler9. I knew you were the right person to ask. I have high hopes for this bull. I will be getting some heifers soon. looking forward to the calf crop next year, I have a market to sell roping steers also so I will be breeding him to some mexican longhorns too.

You're welcome. Don't always know the answer but I'll try to find out. Post a pic of the bull when you get a chance if you don't mind. BTW, have some heifers that would compliment that bull if you have a mind to come to Tennessee.