Hey Caustic,meet Zelda...

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Joy in Texas

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Aug 30, 2006
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They delivered my sons cow today. And I do like her .She is just as calm as she can be. My son just thru a fit over her. He printed pictures of her and put them up in his barracks in Bagdad. It was so nice to see him happy.


I'm tickled for you and your son. Let him know how much we appreciate him. I wish you and yours the best.

Thank God for young ones like him.

Ohh yeah. Congrats on the calf. You did a good job.
I love those ears. :heart:

Please tell you son Thank You for serving from my family to him.

Ohhhh, we like Zelda...very, very much. :D

Please send my best to your son, God love his heart.

Joy,,,,May God bless you and your family.

I hope and pray all our men and women can come home soon.

Joy, I know if he has a smile about this new cow, you have an even larger smile thinking about him.
Thanks all,This young man saw one of these cows before he left to go to Iraq. He said mama please find me one. It took alittle while,but I did it.
I know, I can't get over those "ears" myself. lol ( now thats definitely a major dock) The other thing is she is very calm for a brahma. I raised them before and she nothing like the wild bunch.
Everyone keep up the thoughts and prayers until we get them all home safely.
God Bless
Joy they are in our prayers every night. My dad includes them in his prayer before meals-come to think of it I should do that also.
hersh":uvhz1pog said:
What kind a cow is that. Looks like something you see in africa or india.

Brahman but also known as Brimmer and Brammer. They can take the heat better than a lot of breeds.
Caustic Burno":2w9lcmvq said:
Joy that looks like a money maker for the next twenty years.

What would be the best types of bull to put on her to make the most $$?

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