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All is well that ends well i should have pictures of my grandson on the bull that is my avatar. If i had any concerns he would not have even been in the lot with him. Very gentle bull. Buddy of mine had a Pit Bull bitch that loved kids seen my son and his son drag her around by the ears. Not all bull are killers nor is all dogs. Surely the man was very comfortable with the bull or he would not have done what he did. If you can't tell when the animal is in a mean mood pay more attention.
My clean up bull was bad when he was a calf, he would come up to anyone and if you had your hand down he would put his head to it and start moving his head up and down ,I have no doubt that if I continued to let people pet him he eventually would have turned into a huge pet. I also have a balancer (red) that I will never ever turn my back on ,something in those eyes I just don't like, but he stays out of my way when I go in he moves away.

As far as dogs my sister and her 1st husband had a reg. pit bull the sweetest gentlest dog ever a huge baby ,he got to spend his final years out at the exlaws farm and he would even let the cats eat out of the same bowl as him.

Animals are like people there are good ones and @holes in every group but we tend to forget what a 2000lb animal is capable of if they get p@ssed of kind of like when you give an @hole a weapon. I also admit to riding the odd cow once and a while. 8)

The fact is that this animal is not breeding worthy and should have been castrated and kept as a pet from day one . It will never contribute anything positive to even the sorriest herd except the wonderful disposition he has. They should casterate him and keep him as a pet. Someone should tell them that. Anyone gutsy enough ? :lol2:
Exactly. Brandon let me give you a list of dog breeds other than a pit bull that have aggressiveness in their nature due to their previous hunting/aggressive roles in the old world.
Shiba Inu
Lakeland terrier
Jack russells
Fox terriers
In fact any terrier
Any breed of mastiff
German Shephard

The list goes on.

Alan, you never said that you would put a child on a cow. What you did say was "balls have everything to do with it". Me saying I'd been attacked by more cows than bulls was my rebuttal to that.

I don't care how quick you blokes think you are, I don't think you can fully comprehend a dog attack. Without ever witnessing one, which I don't wish upon you, it's hard to comprehend. If you ever see one, you will not look at your furry friend the same again.

ANYWAY, I veer from the subject. Hillsdown is right. This guy needs to cut him and keep him as a pet, or send him for meat because it is a sorry looking animal.
Oh how I love being called a bloke, that's a new one. You guys go ahead and put any young kid on any bull you want. Enuf of a hijack on this thread.

aussie_cowgirl":3a321csw said:
Excuse my culture.

My most sincere apologies about the bloke statement..... just way too many folks poking at Americans lately on the boards.... IMO. I have never seen you "aussie cowgirl" make that kind of statement, just kind of tired of the general statements about american cattle. I still don't think a young kid belongs on a bull, but this has gone far enough.

talldog":3ob0wi34 said:
I'm enjoying this------- His Bull--His Child---What can I say !! It's his buisness, not mine !! :tiphat:

Same way I feel about it. Nobody's business but his.
ga. prime":sgyhq3lf said:
talldog":sgyhq3lf said:
I'm enjoying this------- His Bull--His Child---What can I say !! It's his buisness, not mine !! :tiphat:

Same way I feel about it. Nobody's business but his.

You don't have to be intellegent to produce sperm.... any half wit can do it and any half wit can take it.

His business,


1. Market value of calves won't argue that
2. Market value of fed cattle that either
3. The CAB Effect makes me puke but won't argue it
4. Grid Marketing Drives Change had a lot of that lately haven't we. Same effect
5. Emerging Added Value of Quality Grade meaning up til now they have kinda sucked
6. Straightbreds Outgain Crosses In the Feedlot say what? What happened to heterosis
7. Straightbred Calves Are Healthier Ditto to number 6
8. Convenience yep, they are sure easy to find in the snow
9. Reduced Animal and Carcass VariabilityYesssiree Bob they sure do look alike.YG3 or worse
10. Heterosis is Not Free Aparently not real either if you believe statements number 6&7

It's a few years old, but you can find the entire article is at: http://www.cabpartners.com/news/publish ... 2F975E.pdf[/quote]
"the Beagle is one of the top ten dogs most likely to bite you. They are snappy little things. The Beagle does not, however, rate as one of most dangerous dogs because it's small statue and general lameness keep it from being a threat to anyone but small children."


Based on years of experience with hundreds of beagles and hundreds of families, we have learned that beagles and preschoolers can be a potentially dangerous combination. Therefore, we recommend waiting until your youngest child is at least 5 years old before adding a beagle to the mix.

A high portion of our surrendered beagles come from families with preschoolers. The most common reason for owners surrendering their beagles is that juggling the demands of a busy young family and an active, curious beagle is more than most people can (or would want to) manage. And, of course, because you can't return your children, when something has to go to simplify life, it ends up being the dog. A variety of problems come from having beagles and young children, including:

* Time: Moms are busy, and beagles are extremely social, demanding, and curious dogs. They need a lot of time and supervision.
* Aggression: Although beagles, and all dogs for that matter, can be taught that the adults in the family are the alphas, dogs see children as fellow puppies and try to assert dominance over the children. Preschool children do not have the physical size, presence, verbal skills, and training skills to win a power struggle with a dog.
* Food Aggression: Beagles love their food. As scent dogs, they are extremely drawn to the smell of food. If a child playfully tries to steal the treat or food bowl from the dog, the dog will defend its food. Even if the child is just handing your beagle a treat, the beagle might jump and grab the food, resulting in a nasty bite. This doesn't make your child or your beagle bad necessarily. They are just doing what comes naturally to them. In the dog's case, that's defending his food from the rest of the pack. In the child's case, it is innocently playful. But the result can still be quite nasty.
* Size: A beagle's head will be about the same height as your toddler's head. A nip in the face, even a small one, can be quite nasty.
* Activity: Beagles cannot contain themselves when they are excited. They will run, and they will jump. One of the hardest things to teach a beagle, second probably only to "come," is "off." When the beagle comes charging at your child in play, it looks really scary to the child, and the beagle is strong enough to knock a toddler over and do serious damage.
* Self-Protection: Smaller dogs, such as beagles, are more protective of their bodies than larger dogs. They are more likely to snap at a child who is coming toward them on wobbly feet, like a toddler. A fast-moving, loud, excited child at play coming toward them can also scare them and lead them to snap.
Well, I don't know about beagles anywhere else, but beagles here are one of the least snappy breeds I have ever had experience with. I would definately trust them with children more than any breed I can think of.

Based on reading the above statement, I can say:

1. Beagles are not nearly as protective of the bodies are are miniatures. From my experience with them, they act more like dogs twice their size than half their size.

2. Beagles are not nearly as protective of their food as most Pyrenees, terriers, miniaturees, standard aggressive breeds, etc.

3. A beagles head may be the same height as a toddler's but is it less dangerous when a Rottweiler's is twice as high. They can bite wherever they want, not just where their head is.

4. Beagles don't carry the weight of most breeds so if you think a beagle is a danger to knock over a toddler, try raising Laborador's, Pyrenees, hounds, collie's, or anything else that is larger.

5. Most Beagles that are gotten rid of are from homes with toddlers. Well that's probably true (probably true with all breeds). But most people who get rid of them don't have a clue in the first place. They think you can take a newborn and stick a dog in the room with it and everything will be fine. It's a dog and a newborn. If that doesn't tell you something, then you don't need dogs, or children for that matter. I've seen to many parents think that it's funny when little Jimmy tries to take the dog's chew toy away. They don't see the danger in it.

6. We're talking about beagles here!!! How can that be compared to the dangers of a bull??? There is danger in everything, but we're talking about the difference in crossing a road versus jumping across railroad tracks when a train is coming. There just isn't a comparison.
Well that's up to you. No dog breed is innocent. I just read an article about a pomeranian mauling and killing a child, the more you know huh. IMO children around any animals are a risk. I was never saying a bull was safe for a kid to be around, I just thought it a little self righteous some people were condemning the guy without having a back story and also with the fact most probably let their kids around other sorts of animals that can also pose a risk to both the child's health and life.

Anyway, this subjects been flogged out. As has the Australian vs American crap. I've had enough and I'm going to try not to take part of it any more. I'm so glad CT is the most drama I have in my life.
Pomeranins are like a chihauha(okay I can't spell) on steroids. I think most of them would be best if booted across the room a time or two.

We really don't need any backstory on the bull. It's a boy on a bull. End of story.

If you think this is drama... :eek:
brandonm_13":piatxskd said:
Pomeranins are like a chihauha(okay I can't spell) on steroids. I think most of them would be best if booted across the room a time or two.

We really don't need any backstory on the bull. It's a boy on a bull. End of story.

If you think this is drama... :eek:

I'm a university/college student and even I can't spell that name. Chihauhau? Haha, spellcheck says Chihuahua. I was close.

I know, I like the low stress life I lead. :p
ga. prime":36mjksqr said:
talldog":36mjksqr said:
I'm enjoying this------- His Bull--His Child---What can I say !! It's his buisness, not mine !! :tiphat:

Same way I feel about it. Nobody's business but his.
im glad these folks werent my parents,, we rode anything with hair when i was a kid,, i got broken bones and aches now and then... but fun and fond memories too go with em...ive watched my son wreak and get bucked off as a kid..your personal feeling would be too say its ok if you dont do it......... but you wont build confidence in em

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